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Factors affecting the output of ball press

Aug, 03, 2020

Nowadays, briquetting machine manufacturers basically have multiple types and models of equipment for customers to choose from. It would be better to choose the right model according to your requirements . But some customers may have such a misunderstanding:the way to increase production is to buy a larger-model briquetting machine.

Factors affecting process capacity

One factor that can affect the output of the briquetting machine is the performance of the equipment. If you choose a pressure ball equipment, which quality of the equipment is not up to standard, and some faults and problems occur frequently during operation, no matter how many models are selected, it is futile, and the amount of investment is relatively large. Therefore, the trouble-free and high-efficiency operation of the ball press equipment is one of the key factors to ensure the production capacity.

Second, a briquetting machine alone cannot complete large-scale production. Therefore, companies generally build a pressure ball production line. In addition to the briquetting machine, there are crushers, conveyors, and dryers etc.So it is impossible to say that the production capacity of the briquetting machine alone is high, and the production capacity of other components can not keep up.

The third point is whether the operation and connection of the entire production link are smooth and efficient. This is a detailed treatment. If any link in the production line is not running smoothly, it will affect the overall production efficiency. Therefore, in order to achieve high output, in addition to purchasing high-capacity equipment, you also need to do well in other aspects.

The larger the model of the briquetting machine, the higher the production capacity per unit time, which is beyond doubt. However, according to the average output requirements, if some users buy an oversized ball press model, it seems a bit wasteful, and the investment amount will increase a lot. So how do we deal with the increase in production capacity without changing the model of the ball press?

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