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Suitable Humidity for Various Briquettes

Jul, 28, 2020

Briquetting machine technology is inseparable from briquettes.

There are many types of briquettes. However, briquette technology also requires moisture in coal. When using hydrophobic binders such as bituminous coal pitch and petroleum pitch, in order to ensure The full contact and bonding between the caking agent and coal particles must eliminate the interference of moisture in the coal as much as possible. Therefore, the moisture content of the raw coal should be controlled at a lower level. When using paper pulp waste liquid, humic acid, lime, clay and other hydrophilic binders, there are certain requirements for the molding water.

Moisture percent in briquettes when briquetting

1. Lime carbonized briquettes or clay briquettes, the suitable moisture range for forming is: 18-20%;

2. Binder-free young lignite is formed under high pressure, and the suitable moisture range for forming is: 12-18%;

3. The suitable moisture range for pulp waste liquid briquettes or acid briquettes is: 10-12%;

4. Weathered anthracite coal sticks with clean water, the suitable moisture range for forming is: 15-18%;

5. Asphalt briquettes, the suitable moisture range for forming is 2-4%;  

The above is a brief description of the moisture range of various briquettes. In order not to affect the quality of the briquettes, it is best to pay attention to the moisture of the coal. The moisture here refers to the sum of the moisture in the raw coal and the moisture in the binder. A proper amount of forming water can moisturize and lubricate the coal, reduce internal friction and enable the binder to be evenly distributed on the surface of the coal particles.

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