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​Ways to solve the low output of the briquetting machine ​

Aug, 03, 2020

To increase the output of the ball press and its related supporting equipment remains unchanged, it needs to be carried out from multiple aspects. Let'sdiscussin detail below.

Ways to solve the low output of the briquetting machine

1. Ensure trouble-free operation of machinery and equipment.

This is the most basic and important point. If the ball press machine and other related equipment are in addition to problems during production, not only the output cannot be increased, but also the work will be delayed. Therefore, it is the most important thing to do inspection and maintenance before starting, and to operate in accordance with the standard.

2. Ensure the smoothness of all links and universities.

Briquetting machine generally form a production line with other equipments, so all links from start to finish must be smooth, including communication and coordination of operators, material supply and processing, etc., which can invisibly improve production efficiency.

3. Increase the rotation speed of the roller of the briquetting mahcine.

This measure is not very recommended by the editor. For some materials, the pressure and speed of the roll are fixed. Increasing the speed can speed up the suppression. But this can be done without affecting the molding quality.

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